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Shanxi Yukun Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. is located in West Village, East Town, LAN County, Luliang City, Shanxi Province. It is the largest processing and planting base of edible fungus sticks in LAN County. The products have been exported to Japan and South Korea and other countries. The base covers an area of 110 mu, with a total investment of 53.19 million yuan, which will be completed in three years. The base has standardized one-stop sterile production workshop 2520 square meters, drying workshop 120 square meters, fresh storage 180 square meters, frozen storage 940 square meters, intelligent constant temperature bacteria workshop 12000 square meters, 89 types of mushroom shed, storage warehouse 1100 square meters, 100 purification workshop 1800 square meters and supporting facilities, the annual production of various types of bacteria sticks 12 million sticks...
Shanxi Yukun Agricultural science and technology development Co., LTD
Our advantage
Set mushroom, fungus, morchella planting, sales for the integration of edible mushroom enterprises
2.Rich production experience
Entrusted to our company each household planting mushroom bag technology, bag recycling, package sales, the company screening, processing, packaging one-stop service in the edible mushroom industry.
1.Working time
Shanxi Yukun Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established on December 15, 2020.
3.Covers a wide area
The construction of standardized one-stop sterile production workshop 2520 square meters.
4.Organic cultivation
0 pesticide, 0 additive, organic and natural planting materials, secure and intelligent planting environment.
The company organizes technical collective training, technical tracking service, provides high quality fungus sticks, and recyles products according to orders.
5.Perfect management
In the form of company plus village committee plus cooperatives plus farmers, it has driven Jiehekou Town, LAN Town, Sheke Township, Shangming Township, and four townships engaged in the cultivation of edible fungi.
6.Strong team
Our company will take the form of company plus village committee plus cooperatives and farmers to drive Jiehekou Town, LAN town, Sheke Township, Shangming Township, four towns engaged in edible mushroom cultivation, our company and in November 2019 registered for the invention patent of mushroom advanced nutrition and health food.On November 5, 2022, I went to South Korea and signed an export intention contract for 9 million bags of mushroom sticks to South Korea. Gongyang Village in Zhongyang County signed a sales contract for 3 million black fungus bags.
News information
The site should be far away from livestock farms, garbage dumps, chemical plants and places with a large number of people, and should have convenient transportation, sufficient water and clean and ...
Warm congratulations on the official website of LAN County Yukun Agriculture Co., Ltd. launched! Welcome friends from all walks of life call to discuss cooperation, and put forward valuable advice....
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